Bison Star Soap is Back!

Here on the cusp of our reopening I have been reflecting a lot about the early years of Bison Star.  So clearly I remember the first day I ventured out with my soap.  I think I made $12 and, let me tell you, I was thrilled.  This dream of a soap business I had come up with just after college graduation was just barely beginning.  It is still just in its early days, as a matter of fact.

I remember the excitement of being first accepted into the Taos Farmers Market.  I have always been market goer as I prefer to eat as much as possible from local sources.  This was a dream come true!  Now a vendor, I thoroughly enjoyed the early Saturday mornings on the Taos Plaza full of people both from our community of Taos and afar, vegetables, fruits, meats, flowers, baked goods and now Bison Star soaps!  There is no other time on the plaza like the farmers market.

I remember packing up the car full of soap and heading west to the city of angles, Los Angeles, California.  We attended our first big out of state marketplace and what an experience it was!  I beamed with joy to have had our little soap company bring me all the way out to the Pacific.

And that time I was invited to the State Capital building to meet Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez and New Mexico State Governor Susana Martinez to be honored for my contributions to the Taos economy.  How cool was that?!  I was so thankful to earn that recognition.

After these fond memories and all those in between, I realized I needed a break.  But I was not  idol.  I continued to think about Bison Star and dream.  But I also needed to follow a couple of other dreams out while I had the chance.  I interned an old school horse trainer and actually started my very own horse.  It was an experience I am so grateful for.  But it pales in comparison to what followed…

My husband and I were blessed with our first child!  I wanted to be fully there and to be able to enjoy this remarkable journey into motherhood.  I had a pleasant pregnancy and gave birth to our daughter in our own bedroom at home last spring.  I am finding Bison Star to flow back into life easily and comfortably in my new life as a mama.

So here we are back at it.  And this time my husband, Angelo, is going to be teaming up with me to get Bison Star’s goals accomplished.  He will be serving as the production manager and I am so thankful to have him on board.  With his and my skills combined we can really get a lot accomplished. We have some big plans for this near future.  We have two formulas we are getting ready to put into production.  I cannot wait.

Until then, we are planning to make as many bar soaps as possible.  We are going to be selling at as many locations as possible in order to fund our project to get these new products out.  Be on the look out for a new and improved look.  We have done some major upgrades on our packaging and are continuing to grow.

We couldn’t be happier to be where we are.

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