Cids Food Market

Cids has been one of our favorite Taos businesses for years!  As a mom and an entrepreneur I really enjoy being able to run in and grab something healthy and quick.  Lately I am addicted to cucumbers and bell peppers dipped in Majestic Sprouted Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus.   It’s a great snack for while I am working on the website or looking for new places to sell our soaps.

Today we delivered a ton of Baby Buddhas, Big Buddhas and Taos Hearts in both our red & white lavender soaps.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!  I remember the first retail location we ever had was Cids.  2013 I believe.  I still hand wrote our labels at that time.  Bison Star Naturals has matured a lot since then with still lots of room to grow and improve.

It was a sweet nostalgic feel today when I delivered our soaps.  Again, at Bison Star’s 2018 reopening Cids is our first retail location.   I shared that with the staff and they were thrilled!  Seeing their excitement over our soaps being back was so inspirational.  Cid and his staff have been so supportive of us.  What a great group!  We will likely have a demo day in the upcoming weeks – we will keep you posted as when to expect us!


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