Join our journey on the Bison Star Build!

In March of 2019 we broke ground on our 1300 square foot workshop. We’re located on roughly two acres of land that had no previous buildings or utility hookups. Our goal is to complete our workshop first and build an adobe style storefront at a later date.

Angelo is completing this project himself with the help of our friends & family while Jacquelene opens the store and ships orders. So far our progress includes the clearing of overgrowth & land preparation, installation of the footer and are currently working on the stem wall that will get us up & out of the ground. Meanwhile, we are still off grid as we wait (and save) for our utility connections.

We are completing this build in incremental steps in order to avoid taking out a loan. All sales contribute directly to our building budget, while continuing to maintain day-to-day operations. Your interest & support is greatly appreciated because we know we wouldn’t be here without our amazing community which includes you!

During construction our on-site temporary store is open most days, although an appointment is recommended (sometimes we need a break). You can also follow along with our progress on Instagram @BisonStar or Interviews are welcome and photos are encouraged – just make sure to tag us & use hashtags #BisonStar #BisonStarBuild.