Prados Beauty Jackie Lashes


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These mink/synthetic blend lashes are named after Bison Star’s co-founder Jacquelene!

The Prados Beauty Iconic “Jackie” luxury mink lash is soon to be most popular eyelash on the market. With a thin band that holds the ultra wispy and full lash fibers together, this lash applies easily and stays on all night. This full but natural looking mink lash set adds length and volume while still being lightweight for a flawless and comfy wear. Reusable up to 25 times.  Responsibly sourced and limited productivity to insure there is no harm to animals.

CARE– To care for your lashes after use, remove by pulling the lash by the end of the band and not the eyelash hairs themselves, this will cause hairs to fall out. Place the eyelash on the plastic portion of the eyelash package to keep the circular shape. If your lash has buildup on them DO NOT WET the lashes to clean them as this will RUIN the eyelash. Gently lift leftover and clumped glue with tweezers. NEVER WET THE LASHES.

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