Welcome to Bison Star.

Hello!  We are a small family business whose products are made with organically, naturally and locally sourced ingredients. We wild harvest the plants within our bar soaps and nothing ever contains animal products, dyes or perfumes.

After starting our family, we  desired more natural products than ever before, beginning with personal care items.  We had some soap recipes from hobby making so we decided to try out making a business with products we intended to use in our own household.

The idea of Bison Star began in 2013 when we started making soaps as a hobby, although didn’t actually open until January of 2018.  We released our lotion soon after in May of 2018 and our liquid soap in January of 2019.  We’re working on adding to our product offering to include other body care products including body wash & more.

Join our Journey as we build Bison Star! 

We are thrilled to have completed the first phase of the #BisonStarBuild in July 2021 – our 1300 square foot workshop where we make our products, ship orders and make social media content.  This project began in 2019 and was funded through the sales of our products.  Visit our Visit Us page to learn more.  

A little about us.

Husband and wife team Angelo and Jacquelene McHorse met in 2007 in Durango, CO during dorm move-in day as freshman at Fort Lewis College.  They both loved studying at FLC where there was ample opportunity to ski, hike, camp and learn.  Upon completion of their degrees in 2011 & 2012 they settled in Angelo’s hometown of Taos, NM.  Before opening Bison Star Naturals Angelo managed a local farm and served as a Wilderness Ranger.  Jacquelene worked in dental offices, animal supply stores and interned horse & colt starting.  The two have traveled all over the world together and are now happily growing their family.  Angelo is a tribal member of Taos Pueblo and Jacquelene does not have any tribal affiliation.

Where does the name Bison Star Naturals come from?? 

This is one of our favorite questions to answer and we encourage you to ask in person if you have a chance to visit. When Angelo first brought Jacquelene home to Taos Pueblo, he introduced her to his whole family.  “This is Jacquelene Brisson-Stahl [her maiden name]”, he said.  One of the children in the family looked up and said “Did you say Jacquelene Bison Star??”.  Everyone laughed and the sweet inquiry of a child became a fond memory.  Years later, when considering names for the business, Bison Star Naturals was brought up and became how our business is known today.

Thank you for your support of Bison Star Naturals, a real family business grown from the ground up.