Not Forgotten Outreach

Don Peters shares about the history of Not Forgotten Outreach and Vet Corps programming that NFO offer to veterans and their families.

While visiting Don at the new Not Forgotten Outreach Headquarters (@ Corral #5 on the corner of Paseo and Placitas (Accross from Cids) ) I was able to learn about the amazing infrastructure of NFO and how it has grown exponentially since its Founding back in 2013 by Miss Kym Sanchez.

As a Veteran of the Iraq War, Miss Kym had a vision to support military families by creating a safe space for our service men and women upon their return back home. Starting as a humble gardening project at the Taos Mens Shelter, NFO moved to a small plot on the westside of the Sunset Park, then on to create a respite for military families an old Bed and Breakfast near the Sunset Park Plot.

Now NFO had multiple sites that offer therapeutic and educational opportunities for Vets and their Families, my favorite of which was the ecotherapy site that had an aquaponics infrastructure that can allow vets to engage in innovative styles of agriculture. Another favorite of mine was the animal husbandry aspect where one could interact with mini horses, goats, ducks, and other farm animals!

There is much to be learned about Not Forgotten Outreach and many opportunities to volunteer or donate!

15 Vetcorps Volunteer Positions Available and open to veterans and their family members! Earn an Education Award of $1500 for a term of service!

Don Peters II, Executive Director
Not Forgotten Outreach, Inc.
461 Valverde Commons Dr
Taos, NM 87571

Original Music by Daniel Martinez

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