Mint Soap


Wild-crafted mint leaves & peppermint essential oil

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Mint bars contain hand picked mint from the ditch behind our home.  The mint grows wild, tall and buzzes with bees throughout the summer.  It’s so refreshing and invigoration as we pluck the leaves of the plants.

Our Mint Soap contains crushed mint leaves that we pick from along our ditch, local rivers and other wet areas in Taos.  It is one of our favorite wild herbs that often pick throughout the summer time.  We have noticed that harvesting in different locations can result in a slightly different colored soap due to differences in the  Earth it grew upon.  This can result in hues anywhere from light green olive green and other shades in between.

Ingredients:  saponified coconut, palm & safflower oils, glycerin, water, local mint leaves, peppermint essential oil, sorbitol



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