Taos Mountain Lifestyle Podcast Presents: Neight Larcen

Neight Larcen is a Local Taos Producer, MC, Promoter, and all around Hip Hop Super from the Talpa community of Taos, New Mexico. Bringing big shows like the Slap Frost Tour into small town Taos is a passion for Neight, he selflessly promotes the scene by donating his time and efforts to create a space foh hip hop to thrive.

OCT.31st 2018 SlapFrost Tour is coming to Taos Mesa Brewery for an all ages show, including headliners such as: Carnage the Executioner, Casual from the Hieroglyphics Crew, Z-Man, PO10CEE and many other Local NM Talent

When Neight was growing up in this small mountain town of Taos, NM, there was absolutely no Hip Hip scene for heads to tap into. Neight and his neighbors started Break Dancing, Freestyling,  Putting up graffiti art, around town, playing basketball, and embodying the hip hop movement. This pioneer was one of the first to start establishing a hip hop community in the area. With these humble beginnings of producing beats on a playstation and walking the dirt roads free styling for hours, Neight has worked himself up to have an incredible discography and created many amazing collaborations withsome heavy hitters in the game today.

The past 20+ yrs. Neight Larcen has been traveling the world playing gigs with Acts such as Public Enemy, Pharcyde, Wu Tang, Del, Digable Planets, Carnage The Executioner, Qwel & Maker, Sleep(of Old Dominion), George Clinton, Busdriver, and many many more.

Today, Neight is a blooming artist looking to make the transition to start living off the income of his hip hop art form. He will be one of many talented music artists coming out of Taos. Check out his discography:



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