Taos Mountain Lifestyle Podcast Presents: Illumination Apothecary

Herbal Serums from the desert and delicious Empenadas are what Keith and Eden Colibri are bringing to Taos, New Mexico! These newcomers to Taos are excited to be opening up Illuminations Apothecary on the Main Drag of Taos, next to Broadsky Books.Kieth and Eden are sharing a space with the Taos Spice Merchant!

Keith This Apothecary is filled with herbal remedies such as tinctures, organic body care products, and even medicinal mushroom for sleep and brain cognition! Keith is behind creating the body care line as well as custom spice mixes for cooking.

Eden has a rich culinary back ground and teaches classes at Illuminations Apothecary every month. On top of opening up a new apothecary shop, these guys sell Eden’s New Mexican Empenadas at the Taos Farmers Market on Saturdays!

These two guys have a cool story and talk about their roots and inspirations. They want to contribute to the community of Taos and have much knowledge and experience to offer! Not to mention that Eden is a life coach for those going through addiction or identity crisis.

Keith and Eden want to create a crossroads for all walks of life to benefit from with the herbal remedies, cooking classes, delicious love filled empenadas, and safe space for those in need. Come check these guys out!!



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