Taos Mountain Lifestyle Podcast Presents: Jerrod Elliot and Dream Tree Farm

Dream Tree Farm is only one aspect of the Dream Tree Project.  Dream Tree Project is guided by empathy and integrity to provide a respectful, safe and structured environment to support youth in crisis.

Jerrod Elliot is the manager of Dream Tree Farm these days and he is establishing the “2 acres in a box” over on La Posta Rd in Taos, New Mexico. They are growing head of lettuce, bundles of herbs, and also radishes in the mechanized, hydroponic container. It is a sight to behold when seeing walls of green with led string lights between each green wall. I love to know that Dream Tree Farm is providing fresh nutritious greens to the Taos Community. What is the best part of the Farm is that young people who are looking for help in their tough times have the opportunity to find a meaningful path through agriculture. It makes me happy to see that people like Jerrod are willing ot take the time to give a helping hand to youth in need.

Shout out to Common Fire and 5 Star Burgers for buying and serving greens from Dream Tree Farm!

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