Taos Mountain Lifestyle Podcast: Cannabis instead of Chemo w/ Steve Chavez

Cannabis as an alternative to Chemotherapy for all types of cancers is a growing trend in our Nation today. Steve Chavez is here to tell us his story of beating Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer with potent cannabis products. Steve gives us details about the diagnosis and timeline of his cancer, as well as the healingprocess from Chemotherapy to Integrative Cannabis Medicines.

Steve Estolano Chavez is a native to New Mexico and a proud father of two amazing children. He currently lives in Taos, NM, with his loving partner Dana, where they own a thriving hand crafted tea company. Growing up, Steve watched his grandfather provide fresh produce and dairy for his family through organic farming before it was “trendy”. Steve learned biodynamic farming at a young age and ran a thriving aquaculture business in his 20’s. His extensive experience with plants and a powerful earth medicine connection has lead him to his current career path. Steve earned a degree in architectural/engineering drafting from CNM in 2010, graduating with honors. With a passion for horticulture, Steve has aligned his education with his passion for cannabis. His decades of experience and education have largely focused on engineering innovative permaculture design for individuals seeking solutions to cultivate their own medicine by natural and sustainable means.

In April 2016, Steve was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic and Liver Cancer. After the initial rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapy and surgery to remove his tumor, he turned to an integrative approach of care with a focus in cannabis medicine. Steve has been a licensed personal producer of medical cannabis for the past two years in New Mexico. In that time, he has developed a comprehension of cannabis medicine that has resulted in profound success in his own battle with major illness. With guidance from a naturopathic doctor and numerous oncologists and surgeons, and by harnessing custom blends of cannabis medicine, Steve was able to destroy all visible signs of cancer,achieving remission in August of 2018. Steve attributes his success to the power of whole plant medicine, specifically cannabis. He has become a testament to the success one can achieve by using an integrative approach to cancer treatment.

With this as his inspiration, Self-Powered Organics was born. Steve’s greatest passion is sharing cannabis knowledge through Self -Powered Organics, a consulting company designed to assist clients with product development and medical cannabis advocacy training for individuals battling terminal illness. Self-Powered Organics is a company built on self advocacy and wellness, integrative knowledge, and a healthy cannabis lifestyle. The company specializes in the formulation of tinctures and oils for maladies ranging from anxiety to cancer. With a solid grasp of marketing know-how, retail grit, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Steve hopes to bring a fresh face to advocacy and product development within the cannabis industry.

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