Wild Rose Soap

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Wild-crafted rose petals and rose essential oil

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Wild Rose contains delicate pink rose petals that grow wild here in Taos.  Each summer we go out to various spots to pluck the fresh petals.  It becomes almost like a meditation, with the sun shining down and the hot summer breeze blowing by.

We use activated charcoal in our Wild Rose bars to color it black.  Activated charcoal is known to be absorbing and remove impurities.


Ingredients:  saponified coconut, palm & safflower oils, glycerin, water, local wild rose petals, Turkish Rose essential oil, activated charcoal, sorbitol


Wild Rose Soap contains wild rose petals that we pick each summer around our home and the mountains of Taos.  These petals are so fragrant, delicate and can vary in color and size depending on where they grow.  They range from a soft pink to a strong magenta.  Wild Roses grow all over the Rockies and produce rose hips in the late summer.

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  1. Nate Kappen

    Fantastic soap!

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