Sage Pine Soap


Wild-crafted sage, sage essential oil & pine needle essential oil

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Sage Pine Soap bars are said to smell like the Northern New Mexican high deserts after a heavy rain storm.  Sagebrush expanding for miles beneath clouds and stars and incredible sunsets.  Hills turning into mountains tall with pine trees, junipers, cedars.  This place where the high desert meets the Rockies in Taos, New Mexico.

There is little wonder why Sage Pine is our best selling scent!  All of the sage used in Sage Pine bars is wild-crafted here in Taos.  We harvest consciously, taking little from each bush so you probably wouldn’t even notice we were there!


Ingredients:  saponified coconut, palm & safflower oils, glycerin, water, wild-harvested sage, pine needle essential oil, sage essential oil, sorbitol


Sage Pine Bars contain sage that we harvest right outside our doors.  It is super fragrant and is best picked during the warm months when the leaves are the fullest.


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